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Why Ganga Breast Care Centre?

Ganga Breast Care Centre is a specialised unit at Ganga Hospital that handles all breast-related issues, including screening and treatment for breast cancer, cosmetic surgery and developmental anomalies of the breast. We have the advanced 3D Hologic mammogram with tomosynthesis for screening. Additionally, we also have an exclusive Ultrasound to do Ultrasound-guided biopsies for detection. Every patient and attenders receive a thorough explanation of the problem that they came for and also the available treatments for the same. We believe that it is essential not only to save the lives of breast cancer patients, but also to think about how they will be after they beat the disease. So, we are one of the few institutions that offer the full gamut of breast reconstruction to all women who undergo breast cancer surgery. We offer all kinds of reconstruction, from perforator flaps to LD flaps and complex microvascular reconstructions like DIEP flap and TUG Flap. We aim for aesthesis in all the outcomes that we do. We provide aesthetically pleasing outcomes for breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery as well as to significantly improve the appearance of the natural breasts.

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We at Ganga Hospital will be happy to answer any doubts that you may have regarding treatment for breast cancer, breast reconstruction or for cosmetic surgery for the breast. Please enter your mobile number and your email ID so that we can reply back to you. You can scan and attach your reports or photos which would enable us to make a decision. Alternatively you can whats app your doubts to the Ganga Breast Care Unit number +91 9952617171. The corresponding doctor would respond to you within 24 hours

  • The name, contact number, email id, reports, photos and medical condition of the patient will be kept confidential and we respect the privacy of the individual.
  • Opinions can only be made based on the information provided. Direct clinical examination is the best means by which we can make a decision regarding treatment for the patient. Hence this is not a substitute for direct clinical examination and consultation online is merely an opinion based on the information provided.
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