Cosmetic Surgery for Breast

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    Breast Augmentation

    When and for whom is breast augmentation done?
    Feeling good about oneself is very important. Women like to have a youthful good looking breast of the right size and shape which is in harmony with the rest of the body.

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    Breast Lift

    For whom is breast lift done?
    Breasts become larger in size after pregnancy and lactation. After lactation is stopped, the breasts become smaller in size. This process continues with multiple pregnancies. With gravity the breasts also continue to sag with age.

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    Breast Reduction

    For whom is breast reduction done?
    Many women have large breasts due to hereditary, weight gain and hormonal changes.

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    What does Gynaecomastia mean?
    Some men may have breasts which are larger than the size most men have and this is called as Gynaecomastia

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    Breast Asymmetry

    How common is breast asymmetry?
    Breast asymmetry is very common. In a study done in USA, it has been found that 88% of women had some form of asymmetry of the breast and 65% of women had asymmetry in more than one parameter of the breast.

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