About Breast Cancer

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    Understanding Breast Cancer

    What is cancer?
    Cells are the basic building blocks of the organs and tissues of our body. Usually these cells divide to make new cells in a controlled manner and beyond a point the cells are replaced with new cells.

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    Risk Factors For Breast Cancer

    A person is considered overweight when his/her BMI ( Body Mass Index) is more than 25 and considered obese when the BMI is more than 30.

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    Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

    When should I be alert that I could have breast cancer?
    After puberty, it is recommended that all women do a self-breast examination and report if they feel any abnormalities in their breasts as breast cancer can occur ...

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    Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

    Breast cancer is diagnosed by Triple Assessment which means Assessment is done by the following components namely
    • Clinical Examination
    • Radiological Assessment
    • Pathological Assessment by Biopsy

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    Ductal Carcinoma in Situ

    What is Ductal Carcinoma in situ?
    When the cells lining the ducts have features of carcinoma, but haven’t crossed the basement membrane of the duct and is confined to the duct, it is called as ductal carcinoma in situ.

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    Lobular Carcinoma in situ

    What is Lobular Carcinoma in situ (LCIS)?
    Lobular Carcinoma In Situ ( LCIS)is a carcinoma which arises and limited to the cells lining the milk-producing glands of the breast.

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    Early Breast Cancer

    What is Early Breast Cancer?
    Staging of Breast Cancer helps us to know the severity of the breast cancer based on how far it has spread. Staging is done based on the size of tumour....

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    Locally Advanced Breast Cancer

    What is Locally Advanced Breast Cancer (LABC)?
    Locally advanced breast cancer means that the breast cancer is quite large in size and has spread to the adjoining lymph nodes, muscles or skin.

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    Phyllodes Tumour of the Breast

    What is Phyllodes tumour of the breast?
    Phyllodes tumour of the breast is a tumour which arises from the connective tissue surrounding the ducts and glands of the breast. It usually arises in women in their 40s and may occur later than that.

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